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5 Ways to be a Faster and Happier Runner


Chi Running is catching on—find out more about the Tai Chi-inspired technique.

Despite unseasonably warm temps in the northeast, fall marathon season is upon us. And for those gearing up for the New York City Marathon on November 3, you’ve probably already logged most of your key training runs. At this point, staying healthy and injury-free is priority numero uno. And while massages, foam rollers, and compression tights are all great ways to stay race-ready, there’s something else you can do during your runs that may help prevent injuries, shave time off your marathon, and ensure you actually enjoy every mile (really!).

Chi Running, a running technique inspired by Tai Chi, is catching on among distance runners. In a nutshell, Chi Running is mindfulness-based running. But there’s a physical element, too. “In Tai Chi, everything moves from your center,” says Danny Dreyer, co-founder of Chi Running and an ultra-marathoner. “Your core is a physical representation of your center, so engaging your core—and having a strong core—is a key principle in Chi Running,” he says. Relaxing the rest of your body is also essential in both Tai Chi and Chi Running. “The goal is to get to the point where your body is a tool of the mind,” says Dreyer…. Read more…

A great article from Caitlin Carlson / Womens Health discussing the new trend.

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