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How to cycle uphill techniques


Some of the useful techniques for cycling uphill from 3% long drags to 30% wicked hairpins.

Simple top 7 tips

The quickest 7 tips to cycling uphill I would give are:

*Avoid going into the ‘red’ too early on the climb. Don’t get carried away on the lower slopes, if you still have a long slog to the top.
*Maintain a reasonable cadence of 65-80 rpm. It will be a lower cadence than normal, but avoid pushing a big gear at a very low cadence.
*Anticipate steep sections in advance by getting into lower gear before.
*Traffic permitting, avoid the steepest apex and go wide around corners to maintain the best rhythm and constant speed.
*Where possible remain seated. Save standing on the pedals for the really steep hills and steep sections.
*Stick to your own pace. It is counter-productive to try and stay with much quicker riders. You will lose more time in the long run.
*Know what you are climbing – length, gradient, max gradient, and likely time needed.

The effort required to cycle uphill increases exponentially as the gradient increases. If you’re unfit / new to cycling don’t start off in the Lake District, it may put you off for life. You need a reasonable fitness before you tackle steep hills. Also, when you start to climb, you use your upper body and back more. Core strength exercises to strengthen upper back muscles will help a lot.

Climbing in saddle or out of saddle?
A big issue is whether to climb seated in the saddle or climb out of the saddle. In short, I find it best to be seated for long gradual climbs. Getting out of the saddle is useful for when the gradient really gets steep. Climbing out of the saddle is less aerodynamic and…. Read more…

A great article from Tejvan / from Cycling Up Hill.

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